Tempest Calm is a creative project that has been a dream of ours for many years. As you can imagine, having a dream is one thing but making it a reality brings about an entirely different set of challenges altogether.

While we have felt a weight of importance in sharing our stories through creativity, the reality is that without a few key people, this whole project would very much still be in the pipeline somewhere back at its initial stages. We are under no illusion that we are blessed beyond measure to have incredible family, friends and support.


Thank you to the following, of whom the three of us are so grateful for:


Our wives & our children . Living with creative people that dream a lot can be a daunting thing at times. Thank you for your endless love, sacrifice and support. We are inspired by you every day. This is your journey as much as it is ours and life is undoubtably better, balanced and more whole with you by our sides.


Our families . Thank you all for consistently encouraging us to be creative and pursue lives of wholeness. You are steadfast always and we love you.


The Red Door Community Church . Thank you for believing that art is beautiful and has a voice and place in the culture of the church. We’re grateful that you believe creativity and faith can exist in the same world and we’re thankful that you’ve enabled us to explore this with our music. Your generosity and support have been instrumental in enabling us to share our stories and experiences with others. 


Vincent & Amanda Tan . The way that you champion other people, their purpose and their dreams is inspirational. You are some of the most selfless people we know. Thank you for your support and friendship.


Adam Meredith . Our very humble and creative friend. You’ve done more than anyone will ever know. Thank you for all your work, creativity and mentorship behind the scenes.


Jodie Presenza . Upon leaving high school, we were lucky enough to record a few albums and take these on tour. Behind every ounce of visual creativity for these projects was Jodie. 

Jodie, you have our upmost respect and gratitude. You are completely selfless, ridiculously talented and we are so lucky that you have journeyed with us over the last 15 years. You have poured countless hours of time, effort and love into our projects. We are continually inspired by your excellence and brilliance. Thank you for all that you do as an artist and for all that you are as a person. We love you!


Chad Blondel . Writing and recording songs is such a personal and important process. To be able to have confidence that they will only be enhanced and worked on with both professionalism and care is something we deeply value. Chad, you are a musical genius. Your abilities in the studio and on most instruments are astounding and we are grateful that you have worked with us time and time again. To have you play guitar and bass throughout this record has been incredible and we’re grateful for all your efforts.


Our friends . There have been many conversations with close friends that have kept us going and helped us to find our way. In the early days of our Shadowlands story, you encouraged us more then we can ever explain with words. 


Special mentions . Jamie Mellor, Andrew Norman, Grant & Lauren Dusting, Andrew Edwards.


We are grateful for you all. 

Callum, Kieran & Matt